Conference Rooms

We can help you organize successful conferences either in the Manor (top or ground floor) or in Karhunpesä which is built specifically for conferences and accommodation. 

"Many of our conference customers enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of Karhunpesä and occasionally come into the manor house for a filling lunch or dinner" explains the Inkala Manor hostess, Leila Ylitalo.

Karhunpesä, which translates as 'the Bear Den', was finished in 2004 to serve conference guests.

"Around the time there were bears moving around the area. The heavy supporting timbers reflect the bear-like nature of the building, while at the same time still being warm and inviting, so we call it the Bear Den."

Our guests are eager to come back

In Spring 2014, Reijo Honkanen organized a training and future prospects seminar at Karhunpesä, for the Ruukki industrial company galvanization process workers.

"We wanted to take our team into a completely different environment, away from the job, where ideas would have more room, and the team could discuss common agendas more easily. We met our goals, as expected" says Reijo Honkanen.

Mr. Honkanen and the 24 seminar participants gathered in the Karhunpesä building at Inkala Manor.

"There was enough space for a group our size, and we even managed to do team assignments in three different rooms. We could have done with more overhead projectors, though."

On the whole, Reijo Honkanen thanks Inkala for the excellent service.

"Many were here for the first time and were quite amazed. We could guess in advance that the feedback from the team would be good, and even the first-timers are eager to come back" says Mr. Honkanen.


Conference day programme

Start your morning with a cup of coffee

We start the day with coffee and some sandwiches or pie. Lunch will be served at the Manor house. By request we can supply the conference rooms with fruit or refreshments. After some afternoon coffee and pastries, the lakefront provides a beautiful setting for a relaxing break. We can also provide recreational programmes (seperate reservation) through our associate companies.

Evening sauna

The smoke and lakefront saunas are available to our conference customers. During the winter season there is the chance to dip into the lake through a hole made in the ice. Karhunpesä has its own electric sauna.

Evening tea or dinner

Our restaurant is also licensed to serve alcoholic beverages.


We offer accommodation in up to twelve guest rooms. After a good night's rest, you can enjoy our breakfast buffet in the Manor dining hall.



  • The Manor House can facilitate up to 40 conference guests.
  • Karhunpesä can facilitate up to 20 conference guests.
  • All conference rooms have Wi-Fi, an overhead projector and a flip-chart.


"Karhunpesä is a great place to have meetings, because they have large and well layed-out conference rooms, where you can also sit down for dinner. Karhunpesä is the most pleasant conference facility in the area, as it gets plenty of natural light, and there is a wonderful view of the lake right outside the window."

Reijo Honkanen



  • Only around an hour away from Helsinki, Tampere, Lahti and Turku.
  • Fifteen minutes outside Hämeenlinna.