History of the Manor House

 "What's most important to us is making the Manor feel like a home. Inkala is a beautiful and comfortable manor, which is perfectly suited for trips, meetings, parties and overnight accommodation." explains Inkala Manor hostess Leila Ylitalo.

The comfort of the manor can be attributed to the warmness of the manor and its staff, as well as the historic setting. Usually Mrs. Leila Ylitalo is present herself, to tell stories of the manor and its history.

Inkala Manor, which is over 200 years old, was a summer home for several decades. Professional accommodation and receiving visiting groups started the 1980s. Party organizers discovered Inkala in the 90s, and in the new millennium the manor started filling up with conference guests, as well as party and excursion guests.

Due to the increase in demand, we have had to build new accommodation and conference facilities. 

"We want to meet our customers personally, face to face, and our customers appreciate that. Inkala Manor is warm and friendly." says Mrs. Ylitalo.

Under family ownership for three generations

Inkala Manor was already mentioned in the 16th century, although under the name of Uotila. Inkala was an old noble-owned farmhouse.

Inkala has been under the ownership of several different families, such as the Cruus, the Skytte, del la Gardie, the Wetterhoff and the Standertskjöld. Fredrika Wetterhof, who went on to found the Wetterhoff Vocational College, spent her youth at Inkala Manor.

In 1931 sea captain Juho Aksel and Helga Lahtinen bought Inkala, and the family has been in posession of the manor since.

Inkala has a long history of entertaining guests. In the 1930s, family friends and fellow captains' families were regular guests some even spending entire summers in Inkala.

During the war, Inkala housed several families from Helsinki who were running from the bombings. Among others, K. A. Fagerholm's family lived in the manor hillside cottage. From the 1950s to the 1970s, the manor continued the tradition of entertaining guests over the summer. Some of the manor guests had rented the cottage or a small cabin, some were guests of the family or relatives.

Bed & Breakfast

Leila and Tuomo Ylitalo who bought the manor in 1986, started a bed & breakfast, which at the time was still quite rare in Finland.

Since there were plenty of customers and the demand kept growing, Inkala started expanding to party organization, entertaining visiting groups and receiving conference customers.

"Inkala has received some international fame, thanks to our foreign conference customers. We have had guests from around the world enjoying our smoke sauna."

Inkala tourism services became a public company, the Finnish equivalent of a limited company in 2007. The supervising manager is Leila Ylitalo. 

"I welcome all who want to come and enjoy the idyllic setting of the Inkala Manor" says Mrs. Ylitalo.



"Inkala Manor is very cozy and comfortable. They have done a wonderful job keeping the spirit of this manor alive. I would absolutely recommend visiting the manor."

Leila Nisukangas

Vuosaari Martha association





  • Inkala Manor's main building was built between 1805 and 1810.
  • The ornamental outside panelling and ornamental porches for the two-storey empire-style building were designed by supervising architect Edelfelt at the end of the 19th century.
  • The front entrance was restored in the early 1900s style in 1999. 
  • The manor is under the protection of the National Board of Antiquities.


"This is a very beautiful manor. I would unreservedly recommend Inkala to all who enjoy good food and history. This is an excellent place to visit, for business and casual guests alike.”

Eevakaarina Suominen
Tour guide, Kanta-Hämeen oppaat ry


“We wanted to take our team into a completely different environment, away from the job, where ideas would have more room, and the team could discuss common agendas more easily. We met our goals, as expected.”

Reijo Honkanen